Experience the Legacy College Fair was established to educate local high school students on the history and significance of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Our mission is to bring the HBCU experience directly to students in order to encourage, influence and build awareness around these institutions. Through our mission, we use the college fair to promote an experience that is both powerful and enjoyable.

Through Experience the Legacy College Fair we will dispel the myths that surround HBCUs by serving as a primary resource for students and parents to learn the essential information needed to make informative decisions about pursuing education at an HBCU. During the college fair, students will network with HBCU alumni, have the opportunity to speak with financial advisors, view live exhibitions and speak one-on-one with recruiters from each school.

We know first hand how much of a gift and life-changing experience attending one of these institutions can be. Not only do HBCUs continue to produce some of the top performing African Americans across different fields, they provide a sense of community and empowerment through true self-awareness. If you want to walk in the path of some of the most notable African Americans in history and unlock an exclusive network of alumni from all across the globe then we invite you to Experience the Legacy

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Eleise Richards

Founder, CEO